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At learnyourtruth.com, we offer a place where the pursuit of truth prevails. With so much spin going on in the world, people do not know where to turn to find the truth. "The greatest oppression is that of a human soul yearning for the truth, yearning for the knowledge of God, not knowing where to go for it and from whom to seek it. There can be no greater oppression than that. This is the yoke of oppression, that Bahá'u'lláh has come to lift from mankind..."

You might consider us: truthbusters--sifting through the muck to find the truth. In addition we also will write about health and wellness, frugal living, efficiency, and eco topics. If you're interested in these topics, check back here for more.

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We can be contacted at: 989-980-5038

Located in Michigan and striving to breathe new life into Michigan. To give people tools by which they can, again, grow and prosper in a way that is sustainable, healthy, conscious, and universally minded.

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